Ma’din Academy has been successful to cater to the progress of most deserving and marginalized sections of the society. Vulnerable sections such as widows, special needs people, people with chronic illness are focus sections in all interventions of the Academy with a variety of intervention for their medical support, rehabilitation and subsistence living. The whole programmes for people with special needs are run under the banner of ‘Able World’ through high end professionalism, innovations and networking. Initiatives are targeted disabled communities such as people who are physically impaired, hearing-impaired, visually -impaired and mentally challenged contributing for their care and rehabilitation.

Ma’din Special Schools ensures quality care and education for children with intellectual disability, hearing impairment and vision impairment. It has been providing comprehensive development services such as free food, accommodation and all learning support materials. In addition to this variety of education and training programmes are conducted for children as well as for their parents. ‘Lifeshore – Advanced Paediatric and Adult Rehabilitation’ offers multidisciplinary therapy services for needy people through a goal based approach using very advanced modern facilities. It has one of its best kinds of infrastructures and tools to ensure multidisciplinary intervention for early intervention as well as for adult rehabilitation.

To promote research and innovations in the area of disability management and accessibility Able World is involved in various researches such as prevalence of disability in minority communities, challenges faced by adults with special needs and impact of natural calamities/pandemic on persons with special needs in collaboration with various organisations. Separate admission for people with various disabilities from primary to higher studies including technical institutions are also started by Able World to bring such categories to mainstream.

In addition, the equivalency programme of Kerala Literacy Mission is given to students with intellectual disability. Various projects like Audio Library for Visually Impaired, Knowledge Resource Centre in Sign Language, Able World Radio, Startup Hub, Accessibility Lab and Able World Village are also in the pipeline. In the long run Able World strives to be a leading platform for research, innovation and advocacy in the disability domain through global partnership and sustainable approaches.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
Sayyid Bukhari • Founder and Chairman


Brining the water sources to distanced areas and providing clean water to the needy people held us upright.


Reaching to the needy people for medical treatment and providing them medicines helped thousands of families.


Educational initiatives for special needs kids paved a new way of movement in uplifting the deprived


Planting the green farmings across the villages, we join to curb the ill treated carbons. Build a greeny earth.

Annual Month of Giving

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.