The Aim Of The Ma’din Initiatives In The Disability Domain Is To Provide The Best Available Science And Clinical Practice To Those Individuals With Hearing-impaired, Visually-impaired And The Mentally Challenged And Their Families Through Clinical Service, Training, Consultation, And Research.

We Are Solution-oriented, But Also Keenly Focused On The Challenging Situations That Children And Their Families Face When Trying To Adapt To The Demands Of Everyday Life At Home, In School, And In The Community. We Place A High Value On The Deep Understanding That Parents Have Of Their Children, And How That Information Can Inform And Support Other Professionals In Helping A Child Achieve In All Areas Of Life. Since Its Inception, Its Core Values Have Been That In Diversity There Is Strength And That With The Best Science Guiding Clinical Practice All Individuals With Special Needs And Their Families Will Thrive. We Aim To Create A More Inclusive And Fulfilling Future For Our Family Members, Friends, Co-workers And Neighbours With Special Needs.